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TLC Advertisement

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Almost half the entire world’s population is using it, right now.

..And that includes your customers!

2.9+ Billion Active Mobile Social Media Users
Using Social Media as a tool to develop your business is no longer an accessory for business growth, it’s compulsory for business growth.
Done are the days of Radio ads, Newspaper Ads and Flyers as the go-to method of gaining exposure. You can sign up to all the Social platforms for free, and depending how well you can execute, gain some brilliant results for your business, build your tribe and gain some new lifelong customers.
As the Medical Aesthetics industry becomes more competitive, as more and more Laser Clinics emerge onto the market, you need to try and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Sometimes you don’t have to be the best clinic, you can just be the one’s that show up first.

…It’s a bit of a race to see which businesses can establish their presence over others. The ones who show up sooner are usually the ones who are rewarded the most. Meaning, if there are 5 clinics in a 3 mile radius, the one who can be on their prospects minds the most, will probably gain their business.

We are offering 3 marketing packages:
Starter – Funnels set up for each Treatment. Advanced Facebook Marketing; 3-5 posts per week. Gai exposure and build brand online.
Essential – Includes everything from the Starter Package. Instagram, Twitter and Google+ marketing. Seo and copy-written optimised posts.
Professional – Includes everything from the Starter Package & Essential Packages. Facebook Marketing; ReTargeting Campaigns.