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Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition

Stand: E142

Medical Aesthetics, Salons, Spas

10+ Users

You have a busy clinic, and practitioners fighting over a single computer. Put our clinic management software on more computers to manage at your desk, in an office, and all throughout the clinic. Two PC or more than two PCs at one location. Standard license comes two for one license. You can upgrade for more.

Read notifications right from your wrist!
Smartwatches sit on your wrist and tell you what’s up. You can peek to see if you just received an important business notification or if you can ignore it. Over everything else, this offers the greatest advantage because you can stay informed while out and about without rudely interrupting activities with your business. You won’t look bored in meetings and you won’t distract other customers. A smartwatch allows you to stay connected and informed without constantly interrupting your business.

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