Professional Tooth Whitening System

Tooth Fairy is the original company to specialize in beautiful teeth since 1999.
Tooth Fairy, is owned by a dental professional, which produces Tooth Whitening and Tooth Crystals products. These products are the fastest growing and most profitable within the beauty and hair industry. Tooth Fairy attends 40 beauty and
hair exhibitions throughout Europe each year.

Professional Tooth Whitening – Increase revenues by £70 – £100 per client. The Starter Set includes 25 Whitening Kits, all equipment, promotional material and online training. Show Price £999 saving £216! Receive 10 FREE Tooth Whitening Kits and a free Tooth Crystal Starter Set when purchasing the Tooth Whitening Starter Set.

Our Tooth Whitening Professional Starter Set contains:

• 1 Professional LED light
• 2 LED Protective Glasses
• 20 Protective Shields for the LED light
• 1 A2 Poster
• 3 A4 Flyers
• 50 Postcards
• 2 Bib Holders
• 1 Tooth Color Shade Guide
• 25 Tooth Fairy Tooth Whitening Kits Method 1
• Instructions free online training
• Certificate

Tooth Whitening with a LED light was inspired within the beauty, hair and nail market due to a change in cosmetic laws. The law has changed into “one does not have to be a dentist since it is now a legally a cosmetic product”. Many people have always dreamed about having their teeth whitened but found it was too
expensive to have the treatment within a dental office. The session price for the client has been reduced within the salons making it more affordable for people to whiten their teeth. You will charge the client between £70-10 for one complete session. The process of Tooth Whitening is simple. Tooth Whitening is similar to a skin facial except the treatment is a facial for the teeth. All teeth have pores just as skin does and over time the pores in one’s teeth become clogged with stain. Stain is caused from red wine, smoking, coffee, tea and just day to day living which make teeth appear yellow in colour. Once a client has the whitening gel on their teeth, the gel instantly starts to remove the built up stain within the pores
making the teeth whiter. Once a customer begins to whiten their teeth they must refresh with follow up appointments every four months to 2 years meaning repeat business for you.
Our Tooth Whitening Starter Set contains 25 Tooth Whitening Kits. Profits will be made from your initial purchase of our Tooth Whitening Starter Set. Tooth Fairy has the lowest reorder prices on the market for your Tooth Whitening Kits. Either Method costs £15 to reorder with no minimum order.

Tooth Whitening is an easy treatment to learn. Our instructions in your Tooth Whitening Starter Kit are explicit and easy to follow. In our Tooth Whitening Starter Set you are provided with a password allowing you to go onto our website to download after care, a client history form and a questionnaire for a certificate. Our downloads also include free online training.

You can also view our video on You Tube. Here is the link.



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