Ravair Ltd are revolutionising the way we think about our health and it’s relationship with clean air

Ravair Ltd is a UK based company launched in 2015 to revolutionise the way we think about our health and it’s relationship with clean air. The Ravair Team have worked tirelessly to design Mobile Extraction Units that not only look good, but REALLY WORK. There are thousands of different air purifiers and nail dust extractors on the market and whilst most don’t work at all and some work to an extent, none work in the way that the Ravair Extractors work.

Ravair Ltd’s vision was to source the best components to create mobile extraction unit’s that are quiet, cost effective, easily moved around the home or workspace and most importantly do not sell due to fantastic marketing, but sell because they WORK.

Ravair Ltd’s Mission Statement is to not only to make everyone aware of the dangers of breathing contaminated or polluted air, but to provide easy and, relatively inexpensive, answers. It is all very well for governments, scientists and journalists around the world telling us about global warming and the danger to health from polluted air, not just to humans, but our animals as well, but do they provide the solutions. The answer to that is obviously a big NO, and although our mobile extraction units will not solve the entire problem they WILL solve the problem in your home or nail or beauty salon, or care or pet home GUARANTEED.

The science of how these machine work is explained in more detail on The Science Page, but our promise to anyone buying one of our units, providing it is properly maintained and only uses Ravair Ltd Filters and Activated Carbon is a full refund if you are not entirely satisfied with your unit.

The list of applications for these units is endless, if you have a specific smell or fumes that you want to totally eliminate then call our experts, number on homepage, and we will give you free advice. We won’t just sell you a machine if we don’t know, for sure, that it will work for you.

Everyone deserves, and needs, clean air, remember asbestosis wasn’t discovered until over 20 years after the event!