Revolutionary Training and Affordable Premium Beauty Supplies come to Olympia

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Hampson Beauty Supplies & ProSpa
Hampson Beauty Supplies provide the highest quality of salon appropriate products including tools and equipment, lash and brow products, nail and hair removal products and much more. With prices created with the beautician in mind, Hampson Beauty Supplies aims to be a one-stop-shop for all things beauty. Within this, Hampson Beauty Supplies produce and retail their own brand of high-end beauty products, ProSpa. At Olympia, a preview of the growing ProSpa range will be on offer, including kits that can be ordered on request, full of products that a beautician will need for their treatments. Hampson Beauty Supplies invites all the attendees of Olympia to benefit from their fantastic event exclusive offers and discounted high-quality products.

The Online Beauty Courses
The Online Beauty Courses is a professional education source for those looking to enter the beauty industry or expand their knowledge of certain areas and treatments. Across the website, The Online Beauty Courses offers expertly developed and accredited CPD courses in lashes, brows, body treatments, facials, nails, holistic treatments, make up, aesthetics and more. These courses are fully insurable and a great step towards furthering your career. For Olympia, The Online Beauty Courses will be offering exclusive package deals on their beauty courses and discounted offers on their higher end training.

Hampson Training Academy
Hampson Training Academy is a prestigious training and learning establishment for those looking to expand their horizon and build their future in the beauty industry. With professional and qualified tutors who offer continuous support, the courses are expertly designed and taught from start to finish. For Olympia, Hampson Training Academy are exhibiting in order to create custom career pathways for those looking to develop within the beauty industry, designing step-by-step course programmes with the beautician in mind. Within this, Hampson Training Academy will be demonstrating the many routes that can be taken into advanced beauty treatments as well as lashes, brows, nails and more. Hampson Training Academy look to demonstrate their curriculums to the visitors at Olympia and offer competitive pricing to expand technician’s careers.