Rules & Regulations for Body Painting Professional Category

Rules & Regulations for Body Painting Professional Category

  1. Pre-registration for all entries closes on Friday 20th September 2019
  2. Entry is subject to the discretion of Olympia Beauty and open to makeup and body artists working in the Makeup & Body Painting Industry
  3. Places will not be guaranteed for entries submitted after the deadline date without payment.
  4. The organisers will confirm entry to each makeup artist by email.
  5. Please ensure as a competitor you are aware of the Body Painting Competition arrival times and ensure journeys are planned prior to the event.
  6. Contestants arriving after the specific start time may not be allowed entry.
  7. All contestants must supply their own model aged 16 years and above. Contestants should not select models that are below the age of 16 years.
  8. All contestants should be registered at the competition check in desk with your model to receive the Body Painting competition ID badges.
  9. The competition will take place at the designated Brush Wars makeup area in the Olympia Exhibition Centre London on Monday 30th September 2019
  10. You will be shown to your allocated work area which will display your name. This area will have a chair and workspace with power points. You should ensure your model has a protective cape to protect clothing until the final presentation.
  11. Publicised timings are for illustration purposes and may change due to operational constraints.
  12. No assistance to be given to the competitor throughout the duration of the competition in regards to the application of makeup & body paint to the model. However hair, skincare and costume may be prepared before commencement of the competition
  13. Models must be styled with hair and costume to compliment the theme of an Alexander McQueen design. Ornamentation, wigs, hairpieces, head dresses and attachments may be used. The body paint makeup should offer an interpretation or vision representing a theme of your interpretation of Alexander McQueen design collections. The body painting should cover 50% of the body however you may incorporate latex and prosthetics into your body paint design.
  14. Research the archives of the Alexander McQueen collections as source and inspiration for your own interpretation. Incorporate your research on a mood board the final design should be individual and unique to the Body Artist.
  15. All competitors are required to submit a mood board of their chosen design; this should include sketches, planning, research and the final design. All mood boards should have the competitors name at the top and the title of this year competition.
  16. There is a 30 minute prep time for all contestants prior to the competition start time. This time is for preparation of setting up the workplace, hair or wig preparation, skincare preparation. Hair may be prepared with hair accessories incorporating the use of a hair stylist. However this should be undertaken prior to the competition. No assistance with hair, styling or costume can be given to the competitor during the competition.
  17. You are required to bring your own equipment of makeup and tools. You can also bring additional lighting if needed (desk lamp or portable makeup light recommended)
  18. All competitors must promote and abide by strict hygiene standards in the application of makeup or points will be deducted.
  19. Coloured & character contact lenses are not to be used for health & safety reasons.
  20. Contestants should use recognised professional makeup products, body paints and glitters
  21. Time limits will be strictly adhered to. The time limit for body painting makeup is 3.5 hours plus 30 minutes prep time.
  22. Advertising of business, salons or products is not permitted during the competition, unless prior agreement with the organisers.
  23. No smoking, drinking, eating or use of mobile phones is permitted in the competition & preparation area. Body painting models may have a warm drink while they are being painted.
  24. To assist fellow competitors, noise/conversation is to be kept to a minimum in the competition area
  25. Each competitor is responsible for cleaning up their area of work on completion of the competition.
  26. Failure to follow competition rules and guidelines will result in disqualification or a deduction of points at the organiser’s discretion
  27. All mobile phones must be switched off (including all models), competitors may be disqualified for phones ringing/vibrating or answered during the competition as this is a distraction to your fellow competitors
  28. Photographs will be taken at the event by the official photographer(s), the organisers and sponsors reserve the right to use images gathered in their marketing collateral and for promotional use as required
  29. Decisions by judges are final and no correspondence will be entered into. All scoring will remain confidential to Olympia Beauty


  1. Maria on 31/07/2019 at 7:49 am

    Bodypaint contest usually takes 6 hours. Is it not a full body paint? The back arms & legs dont have to be painted??
    Please more info
    Thank u

  2. Helen Miles on 15/08/2019 at 10:27 am

    Just planning my design, I am sure we had 4 hours last year and 30 minute prep. I know I did over 50% of the body last year and costume for the rest and was told I had to much costume and others were told they needed to paint the legs to place higher which is impossible in the 4 hours and would have taken them way beyond 50% of the body. Our feelings as bodypainters were as the competition was split into did catergories that the judges wanted more complete bodypaint looks this year and we where going to get more time to reflect this.

  3. Helen Miles on 15/08/2019 at 10:29 am

    Also you have mentioned hair can be done prior to the comp, does this mean bald caps can be done too prior to the comp????

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