SkiGlo vs Tablets – Liquid Supplement Has 80% Better Absorption

As we age, our skin starts to lose it’s vitality. External factors, such as sun exposure and air pollution, all contribute heavily to this, but the main reason we show signs of aging is we start to lose the key ingredient to a youthful complexion – collagen.

We lose 1% of our collagen reserves year on year from our early 20’s, meaning that by the time we’re 30, we have lost up to 10% of our collagen. This leads to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of volume.

That’s where SkinGlo comes in. It’s the revolutionary liquid supplement that cares for your skin from within. SkinGlo helps you “top up” your collagen reserves, keeping skin hydrated and firm.

For decades, we’ve been using creams and ointments to reverse the signs of aging and help hydrate and improve our skin – but for true results, we need to take preventative action in order to decrease the loss of collagen and keep our reserves topped up.

But what makes SkinGlo stand out from other supplements is the advanced absorption rate. Conventional supplements can be deemed ineffective; this is often due to the way the supplements distribute their essential nutrients to your system. Traditional supplements can deliver as little as 10% of the vitamins and nutrients they contain into your body. This is because the acids in your stomach break them down before they have a chance to enter the bloodstream.

To solve this problem, SkinGlo has been specially formulated to include Nutriprotect technology. Our scientists encase SkinGlo’s key nutrients in a “lifejacket” – called a liposome – to keep them all intact on their way to your gut. This allows up to 8X more absorption than other collagen supplements on the market – helping you unlock the formula to exceptional skin.

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