Sonia Anderson of Micropigmentation UK

Micropigmentation UK Limited (MPUK) was formed in 2015 by Sonia Anderson, an independent practitioner and trainer with over 30 years’ experience of work within the beauty and micropigmentation industry.

Having travelled across Europe attending micropigmentation conferences and seminars, Sonia noticed that she would often be the only person in attendance from the UK and always wondered why. Not wanting to jump to any conclusions, she set out to find the answer to her question and after speaking with many leading industry professionals across the UK found that they all shared similar experiences and were equally perplexed.

Among the main reasons cited were the more obvious time and cost associated with traveling aboard to events. However, less obvious but none the less prohibitive factors were language barriers, cultural differences and topics that were felt less relevant to the UK industry. Like Sonia, concerns were shared about the likely impact on the UK industry from practitioners missing out on the invaluable knowledge and expertise that is to be gained from exposure to leading professionals. All agreed that action is needed to ensure that the UK remains up-to-date with the latest developments in what is a rapidly evolving industry. That the UK micropigmentation industry continues to raise standards in clinical practice, health and safety and we strive for excellence.
It was after receiving this feedback that Sonia decided the time was right.

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