SplendorX, “head and shoulders above every other hair removal device’

When the first SPLENDOR X- Lumenis’ state-of-the-art hair removal device–arrived in the US last summer, it went right to Dr. Mary Lupo in New Orleans. Having worked with Lumenis technology for over two decades at her Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology, she had accepted the company’s invitation to introduce its new hair removal laser to doctors. First, she wanted to get a body of experience by using it on her patients.

“I used the new SPLENDOR X on many different patients for about eight weeks, so I would be very comfortable explaining it and presenting the scientific studies to other doctors. But when I started to use my older device again on patients who had returned for follow-up treatments, many of them said, ‘No, when are you getting the new machine?’ I was compelled to buy SPLENDOR X because it’sthat superior. It’s singularly the best hair removal device I have ever experienced,” Dr. Lupo said.

Why Dr. Lupo thinks SPLENDORX is an impressive improvement in laser technology, “head and shoulders above everything else on the market.”

  • “Besides featuring both the 1064nm and 755nm wavelengths for dark and fair skin respectively, with BLEND X™ we can use the two wavelengths in tandem to treat medium skin tones. It works on everyone. With machines in the past, we’d use the 1064nm on type 4 skin, but now we can add in a little bit of the 755nm wavelength and we get better results.”
  • “SPLENDOR X features two forms of cooling technologies to completely eliminate pain: Contact and air cooling. It’s the most comfortable hair removal laser anyone will ever experience.”
  • “An integrated plume evacuator removes smoke and debris that are produced when the hair is destroyed. Besides eliminating odors, it also protects the practitioner’s working environment.”
  • “The 27 x 27 mm square-shaped spot ensures complete coverage with no overlap or untreated areas. More hair is affected during the treatment and patients require fewer treatments. The large spot size also speeds treatment time. We can complete a man’s entire back in 10-15 minutes! I expect SPLENDORX to reduce the number of treatments needed on darker skins by 20-30 percent.”
  • “SPLENDOR X provides collateral benefits, including improvement in skin texture and improvement in brown spots when used on the 755nm setting. The 1064nm wavelength also can help with nail fungus. We’ve had patients with visible, new normal nail growth within three months of treatment.”
  • SPLENDOR X has “revived the hair removal market in the practices of qualified dermatologists and medical personnel,” Dr. Lupo said.

She became disheartened when lower-energy, lower-quality lasers flooded the market, and med spas on every corner were offering treatments.

“Hair removal turned into a commodity, but consumers turned away when they didn’t get the great results they expected.”

“When Something Better Comes Out, I Get It”

Dr. Lupo uses SPLENDOR X exclusively today, performing about 50 hair removal treatments every week. “I’m seeing more people…

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