Welcome to Olympia Beauty 2019!


Olympia Beauty offers various opportunities to get involved in the best looking show in beauty! 

Below is just an idea of some of the sponsorship opportunities we have available. If there's something you'd like to discuss though be sure to get in touch with Laura Tarling at laura.tarling@olympiabeauty.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1959-569867.

SMP & PMU Bootcamps Sponsorship

SMP & PMU Bootcamps Sponsorship The SMP & PMU Bootcamps is a 2-day event with a mix...

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Nailympia Sponsorship

Nailympia Sponsorship NAILYMPIA LONDON sponsorship allows you to access what has been hailed as the ‘most international...

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Salon & Spa Owners’ Club Sponsorship

Salon & Spa Owners’ Club Sponsorship THE SALON & SPA OWNERS’ CLUB is a dedicated area of the...

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The National Massage Championship Sponsorship

The National Massage Championship Sponsorship THE NATIONAL MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP welcomes all qualified massage therapists and bodyworkers internationally to...

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The Lash Games Sponsorship

The Lash Games Sponsorship THE LASH GAMES is a global lash competition, celebrating the growing sector of...

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Brush Wars Sponsorship

Brush Wars Sponsorship BRUSH WARS is the competition for make up and body paint artistry and welcomes artists from across...

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