Olympia Beauty 2018 will take place on 30 Sept - 1 Oct 2018
Homemade skin care and body scrubs with natural ingredients aloe vera ,lemon,cucumber ,himalayan salt ,peppermint ,lemon slice,rosemary,almonds,cucumber,ginger and honey pollen isolate on white background.

Schedule for the Nutrition & Wellbeing Live Stage

Sunday 1 October: Stage 1

11.00: Supporting people living with cancer

There are often misunderstandings about reflexology and cancer patients, reflexology does not treat the cancer but it does aim to support the client through a difficult stage in their lives. 62% of cancer units now offer reflexology as an adjunct to the more invasive medical treatments and reflexology seems to help with quality of life issues. Can reflexology be provided to people living with cancer? And if so how does a reflexologist decide what to do and when? Tracey Smith is the Reflexology and Research Manager at the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) www.aor.org.uk. Tracey holds a BSc (Hons) in Immunology; she is a Fellow of the Association of Reflexologists and a practising reflexologist. Moving reflexology forwards through the understanding and dissemination of research is very important to her. Tracey is a regular speaker at conferences and has written reflexology articles and published scientific papers.

11.40: Learn about Neuroskeletal, re-alignment therapy

Carole Preen has been working as a complementary therapist and trainer for over 25 years and been instrumental in development of national standards for aromatherapy. She continues to coordinate the Aromatherapy Council. Carole brought Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy (NSRT) to the UK in 1997 and offers diplomas courses through her school "Natural Therapeutics", which is accredited by Complementary Health Professionals. Originally developed in Australia by a Chiropractor, this non-manipulative light touch technique is excellent for treating back pain, joint problems, sporting injuries and injuries related to trauma. See the NSRT website for more information at www.neuroskeletal.co.uk.

12.20: Energy Techniques to support wellbeing

Lucy Blyth, Managing Director of Global EMF Solutions Ltd. The company manufactures and markets energyDOTs which are designed to create a world of boundingly colourful wonderful energy.
Lucy is a personal trainer, nutritionist and energy healer. She works to maximise the benefit of diet, exercise, positive thinking, healing treatments and ‘energy management’.
Energy management means becoming mindful of how we feel and setting the intention to improve how you feel. With this intention and the right tools you can raise your vibration and then attract a more fulfilling, successful, joyful life. Central to her work with personal ‘energy management’ is the need to spread the word about the harmful effects of emissions from our much loved gadgets; mobiles, cordless phones, tablets, computers and the ever present wi-Fi.

13.00: Reducing Stress with Herbs

Reducing Stress with Herbs by Leyla El Moudden BA Dip mANP General Secretary of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.
Stress is a key aspect of all lives and manifests in different ways. The way we interact with and understand stress is essential for health. Herbs are an accessible, cost effective, gentle, non-invasive tool with which we can address aspects of stress before it becomes or creates a chronic health problem. This talk will explain stress itself, how to recognise stress and the primary and most accessible herbs to help address and reduce the many manifestations of stress.

13.40: Unleashing your Authentic Self & becoming a JOY Magnet!

Rozy Kalliabetsos is a Spiritual Midwife, Senior Yoga Teacher and Intuitive coach who empowers those ready to step into their power fully co creators of their perceived reality.
She works with a physical and energetic toolkit that addresses both the symptoms and root causes of living in a fear based, stressful and guilt laden paradigm, clearing the blocks to feeling Sovereign, Fearless, Empowered and Free.
She will be addressing the key pillars of claiming your true nature as a powerful, multi dimensional being of love & light and effectively co creating your reality in accordance with your 'Personal Paradise' so you radiate JOY inside and out.

14.30: Learn how to become pain free without drugs. Back pain, fibromyalga and more

My mantra is “Feeling is Healing” as I believe that a pain free, unlimited life should be available to everyone.
It is with this philosophy in mind, that I have designed and created some proven programmes that can result in a pain free life.
I cannot emphasize enough, the research, integrity, care and compassion that goes into every chronic pain and fibromyalgia clients throughout their journey with me.

15.10: Holistic Therapist Magazine Business Awards 2017

Sunday 1 October: Stage 2
Monday 2 October: Stage 1
Monday 2 October: Stage 2