Story of ‘Vilana Natural Beauty’

My Story
It happened to me once…
Life gave me three beautiful children and a wonderful marriage. But it didn’t come easily. There were times when I felt like a discharged battery…

One day I looked in the mirror and saw a dull face, pale skin and wrinkles of an old woman staring back at me. The only thing that sparkled from within was my eyes. I was happy but my tired body was telling me something else… And I couldn’t understand the reason why. I was using the best widely advertised luxurious oils, creams and serums. I was going for latest fashion skin care products and specialist recommendations shouting out loud about miraculous results and promising an eternal youth.

I found a the way of creating natural body care and treatment
So one day I decided to take a cream jar and carefully read the description and information leaflet. It opened my eyes and made me realise that ingredients of most skin care products I was using weren’t as healthy and innocent as I thought they were. And here I was looking for a different solution. At the very beginning, I thought that only a miracle can make my skin glow again, and only a magician can make my wrinkles fade away. But Mother Nature provided me with an answer! All I had to do was to look deeper and understand the power of nature. That is how I found a the way of creating natural body care and treatment.

After having started my research I came across old recipes of natural oil mixtures and creams that our ancestors used to use for hundreds of years before the word “pharmacy” has been invented. And the most interesting fact was that all of it can be made at home using various combinations of essential oils and a bit of knowledge, passion and the power of my own hands. It did take time to adapt recipes to requirements of the modern world. But I believe I’ve discovered the most effective combinations of oils and skincare that suits everyone’s skin.Today I am looking at myself in the mirror again. My face is glowing and I feel more beautiful than ever before. Of course, not all wrinkles are completely gone. But it is NATURAL. This is the way human beings are. But now my skin is beautiful and healthy, smoother and youthfully glowing. And for all that I can only thank the miracles of nature.

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