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Well 2020 has certainly presented many challenges to all businesses offering close contact services.  Having to navigate through a national lockdown and then put together a re-opening plan of action to ensure the safety of staff and clients alike.

Piercing services certainly look a little different now, with the addition of face masks and visors for all practitioners as well as clients.  At Studex we have worked hard to support our customers in ensuring that they can continue to offer a safe, hygienic and memorable piercing experience for their clients.

Our highly established Training Programme has consistently trained our customers on the most stringent best practices around hygiene and infection control, meaning that there has not been the need for too many major changes to the actual process.  Studex piercers have been trained to clean all surfaces and the chair prior to, and after every piercing; a hand wash regime is already in place, with piercers wearing disposable gloves that are changed between piercings.

Key to the safety of the service is that all jewellery used for piercing with Studex systems is pre-sterilised and loaded into the instrument with no contact.  Jewellery quality earrings, including 18ct and 9ct Gold, that you can trust.  The instrument does not come into contact with the client and close contact is very limited throughout.

As a new incentive, Studex launched a brand new website feature exclusive to Studex customers – the “Media Hub”; the go-to resource for everything businesses need to know about getting “Business Ready”.  From COVID-19 updates, to downloadable marketing materials and best practice guidelines.  Studex are constantly updating this resource centre with valuable guidance and our Customer Service Team are on hand with advice and able to send additional documents to help with Risk Assessments and best practice processes.

With an exceptional range of products available, if you haven’t considered offering a piercing service, now is a great time to get in touch and find out more.  Piercing appeals to all age groups and is an excellent way of increasing footfall to your business.  Our dedicated team at Head Office can support you with how to get started and you will have your own Regional Trainer who will walk you through the piercing process safely with the additional COVID-19 measures in place.

Supporting our piercing partners is at the centre of our service and we would love to speak with you about how piercing can benefit your business, safe in the knowledge that you are working with a company that you can trust to guide you through these challenging times and into a prosperous New Year.

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