Supercilium creating flawless brows on fearless women

When is the last time you made someone in your beauticians chair feel empowered? What did you do to create a sense of confidence and prowess to take on the world?

At Supercilium we are dedicated to giving beauticians worldwide the tools they need to give their clients the confidence to shine with our unique henna brow tint. Made from quality henna from India, our time-tested formula lasts on the skin up to 2 weeks and on the hair up to 6 weeks.

This long lasting, easy to use formula can be applied quickly and develops in just 20 minutes. The result? Gorgeous, full brows with a semi-permanent tattoo affect that gives women (and men) more time to focus on the things that matter – like building that empire, achieving those goals or simply enjoying the company of loved ones.

With Supercilium you can change more than just the shape of your clients brows. You can create the illusion of thickness, make light brows appear darker, or adjust the entire shape of the brow. Additionally you can go for a more striking, formal or casual look. The possibilities are endless.

“Supercilium brow henna has become one of my favorite products to use on my eyebrow services. I love the color range they offer and how beautiful it looks on the skin!” says Supercilium Brand Ambassador Barbie, founder of BROWAHOLIC™ from Miami, Florida

All of our starter kits give everything you need to apply up to 200 applications. That’s £0.75 per treatment. As additional support we offer marketing materials to promote the product in your salons and online. We also offer a free school designed to introduce you to the art of brow henna: Our school is perfect for those who are new to brow henna already, or if you simply need a refresher.

Created and used by by professionals, and designed for professionals; Supercilium provides notable results that both you and your clients will be happy to see. The key is not only a quality product like Supercilium, but also lots of practice

“Becoming good at what you do means setting your goal clearly and doing anything needed to achieve it. Creating the best brows means mastering thousands of brows. And along the way you empower thousands of women becoming the best version of themselves!” – says Manouk de Vries, Founder of Supercilium

We want a world of fearless women, who celebrate the power of their individual spirits. From beautician to client, from woman to woman, we want to make henna brows the hallmark of timeless beauty.

We can’t wait to see you at Stand F37 in September, where we will be selling both the starter kit and mini try-out kits. In addition to this, our founder Manouk will be speaking at the PMU bootcamp on September 30th. Make sure you sign up so that you can see Manouk in action, speaking about being a founder, the heart that went into Supercilium and building a business from the ground.

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