Superior Facials for Mobile/Solo Therapists

relaxation is key

Do you struggle to find a superior skincare range that you can use mobile or in your beauty business?

LA Skincare offers a compact range which does all you need.

LA Skincare Transformative Facial Package Start Up Order allows you to use LA Skincare and the gadgets we have introduced. These are to use within the ‘in salon’ facials. This is giving an opportunity to all salons to offer superior facials.

As a therapist it is important we recommend ‘home care’ for clients. With LA Skincare you can offer clients a retail range to use the products at home between salon facials. They then return every month (or whatever you have decided), into the salon for ‘In salon’ facials.

LA Skincare – I, Louisa, created LA Skincare to be a easy to use, yet effective range. I am all about treating the whole body and not just the skin. Do you feel the same? If so I would love to have you on board with LA Skincare.

Holistic is not just all about being natural, it is about looking beyond the symptoms of the problem.

Our start up order includes:

Consultation set:
1 x Wood Lamp, 1 x Moisture Checker, 5 x Consultation Cards, 5 x Aftercare Cards

LA Skincare Transformative Facial Gadgets:
1 x Facial Cleansing Brush

1 x Radio Frequency, EMS and LED Massager

1 x Ultrasonic Ion Skin Spatula

LA Skincare Transformative Facial Products:
1 x Squeaky Clean Cleanser

1 x Hydrating Cleanser

1 x 50ml Sweetie Sugar Scrub

1 x 50ml Chocolate Delight Face Mask

1 x 30ml Soft as Silk Serums

1 x 50ml Plump Me Up Moisturiser

1 x 50ml Whipped Cream

1 x LA Skincare Starter Pack for retail

1 x 15ml Cool and Lift Eye Gel

1 x 30ml Velvet Indulgence Massage Oil

You will also have product knowledge online training included in this package valued at £100.

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