Susan Findlay – Head Judge

We’re very excited to announce that Susan Findlay will be Head Judge at The National Massage Championship 2019! 

Susan’s first love is dance, sport, anything to do with the joy of movement. She trained as a nurse in Canada but soon left the profession when she came to the UK as she wanted a deeper connection with her clients. For many years she worked in both health and fitness, teaching 20+ classes a week and running GP referral schemes. She wanted to make better use of all her knowledge which led her to retrain as a Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist. Currently she is the director of NLSSM and specialises in teaching Oncology Massage. She is the author of Sports Massage: Hands on Guide for Therapists and is the Sports Massage feature writer for Massage World. She volunteers her time as a board member of GCMT, and a PSB member of CNHC. Most importantly she still has a clinic in North London and keeps current with new skills. Join her on Massage Mondays for free weekly massage videos.

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