The NMC Stage Talks: Rachel Pebworth


Reignite the passion into your business It has been an unsettling time for both you and your clients, and many therapists have struggled to reignite the passion back into their business post-covid. Maybe you are struggling to get started, or have found it difficult to build your business back up, or perhaps you are doing okay but know…

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Avoiding bodywork burnout with ‘The Jing Method’

Avoiding bodywork burnout with ‘The Jing Method’ Anyone who works intensively with a part of their body is more prone to injuring that part, and massage and beauty therapists are no exception! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. If you know the correct way to use your body you…

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Bringing the Magic to Massage

Dr. Sarah Bryan, Exeter-based Massage therapist and aromatherapist, has launched a special new range of aromatherapy products, SB Holistic Magic. Sarah, blind since birth, relocated to Exeter from Sheffield with her husband, Matt, in 2016 and immediately embarked on this new project. “We moved for Matt’s job, so I was out on a limb and…

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