The NMC Stage Talks: Rachel Pebworth


Reignite the passion into your business It has been an unsettling time for both you and your clients, and many therapists have struggled to reignite the passion back into their business post-covid. Maybe you are struggling to get started, or have found it difficult to build your business back up, or perhaps you are doing okay but know…

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The NMC Stage Talks: James Earls

Book Launch & Signing: What Happens When Our Feet Don’t Work??? Foot function affects the rest of the body. Our feet are the most common point of interaction between us and the ground and they have to manage significant forces during complex movements. During this talk we will explore what happens when our feet stop…

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Earle Abrahamson

Earle Abrahamson is a senior lecturer in sports therapy. He is also the national chair of the Massage Training Institute, Vice-Chair of the General Council for Sport Tissue Therapists, and sits on the professional board for soft tissue therapy at the Complementary and Natural Health Care council. He is an internationally published author, therapist, psychologist,…

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