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Offer your clients the ultimate combination treatment!

Lumenis have developed a new treatment protocol, involving two leading Lumenis devices and multiple technologies, and the results are outstanding! By combining the M22 and NuEra devices and treating patients with four key technologies, non-invasive face and neck rejuvenation is possible! Here’s how: • NuEra RF technology is used to tighten skin on the face…

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WIN entry Lipnv Fat Dissolve Course

WIN entry Lipnv™️ Fat Dissolve Course Lipnv™️ are excited to offer one lucky winner the opportunity to train on the Lipnv™️ Fat Dissolve Course for FREE! Using your Lipnv™️ Air Pen, you can administer in fat loss injections (without the needle!) to dissolve stubborn and unwanted fat in common areas of the body; such as upper…

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Lipnv™ No Needle Filler Takes The Beauty Industry By Storm!

Come visit us on stand E62 at Olympia Beauty! You probably have a million and one questions regarding our unique NO NEEDLE Filler Course. Well look no further, as we have all the answers. If you have clients that shy away from needles and injections, this could be the answer both your clients, and your…

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LVC Korean Nanoblading Specialists

LVC Korean Nanoblading Specialists have launched an incredible new non-invasive lip and dermal filler treatment which has revolutionised lip augmentation and anti-aging with the delivery of a hyaluronic acid filler through a high pressure device with no needles whatsoever. Live demos will be at our stand D10 throughout the show. As it’s non-invasive all technicians…

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DolmenUK Natural Products – Straight from the Jordanian Dead Sea

DolmenUK Natural Products – Straight from the Jordanian Dead Sea Dolmen is a product range native to the magical region of the Dead Sea. Now brought to the United Kingdom by locals who have a powerful desire to unlock the secrets of these wonderful minerals and their rejuvenating influence on the skin.   You’ll find…

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Kelly Forshaw Smith

We’re very excited to announce that Kelly Forshaw Smith will be speaking at both The PMU Bootcamp on Monday 30 September 2019 at Olympia Beauty! Kelly’s passion for micropigmentation began initially in semi-permanent makeup before she entered the world of medical tattooing. Kelly is now widely respected for creating fresh, natural looking results for both medical…

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Introducing Circadia by Dr Pugliese

At Circadia By Dr Pugliese , our philosophy of skincare is centered on the body’s circadian rhythms, defending from environmental insult during the day, and stimulating repair mechanisms during sleep. Circadia’s products utilize paraben-free preservative systems, a multitude of cutting edge ingredient technologies and specialty items for comprehensive treatment of aging skin, pigmentation disorders, acne…

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MAVEX Launches Two New Product Lines in 2018

MAVEX Launches Two New Product Lines in 2018 MAVEX are launching two new treatments at Olympia this year BODY BLACK is a luxurious in-salon body treatment which helps the body release excess fat and toxins. The unique formulation of black pepper and plant based carbon with new-generation Phytocomplexes that are synergised in one extraordinary treatment.…

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Latest trends in Mesotherapy and Anti-ageing treatments

(Where science meets beauty) Mesotheraphy has been evolving in recent years. With this fast growth there have been many claims and talking points but what is the truth? Daksha in her clinics and training academies across the world has been using and teaching Mesotherapy for over 10 years. Daksha will talk about; What works What doesn’t work…

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Why Professional Treatments Are Worth It

Why Professional Treatments Are Worth It Whether you embrace the au natural look, full glam or anywhere in between, skin will always be your best foundation. But can you get skin that requires #nofilter solely with your trusty skincare routine at home? IMAGE firmly believes in maintaining a healthy skin diet that involves a synergistic…

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