The Brand Discovery Sessions: Perfecte’me

perfect me logo

“Perfecte’me is the brand name of Bitco Med Limited.

Here at Bitco Med, Matin, our founder has designed and developed Non- Surgical aesthetic machines utilising his more than 20 years of experience as a Biomedical Engineer. The goal was to create a portfolio of high quality, yet very affordable equipment.

Our product range includes: perfecte’me + (the only “modular” multifunctional face and body machine in the world), Perfecte’3-lase (3 wavelength laser hair removal with interchangeable spot size), Perfecte’Sculpt (EMS), Perfecte’Skin (Hydradermabrasion), Perfecte’E-SHR etc.

By investing in one of our machines, you will become our business partner not just a customer. “

Instagram and facebook: @perfectemesystem