The Doctor Won’t See You Now

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Advocating now is the time to heal healthcare, new book offers wakeup call to the power of Ayurveda

Award-winning entrepreneur, specialist in Ayurvedic medicine, TEDx speaker, journalist and broadcaster Sunita Passi demystifies the practice of Ayurveda in her new book, The Doctor Won’t See You Now, showing how the teachings and practices of this 5,000-year-old Indian healing system can be accessible to all …

With the healthcare system and access to mental health support both currently ravaged by the impact of the Covid Pandemic, the publication of The Doctor Won’t See You Know couldn’t be timelier.

Offering an accessible entrée into the 5,000-year-old world of the Indian healing system of Ayurveda, author Sunita Passi brings over 20 years’ experience of training Ayurvedic practitioners, as well as a multitude of insights gained from launching her own highly successful skincare range, to this compelling and potentially life-changing book.

Accessible, informative and written in celebration of the amazing bodies, minds and immune systems we all possess, the author will find an instant readership in those keen to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy, as well as those whose blind trust in 21st century healthcare is waning.

As a journalist and broadcaster, Sunita Passi understands how to keep her readers engaged. With her passion for her subject shining through as much as the wisdom she is imparting, The Doctor Won’t See You Now, is destined to become a cherished ‘friend’ that is sought out time and time again.


It’s time to heal healthcare. We as individuals will have to take greater responsibility for our own wellbeing, and maybe have a say on those issues for people in our lives. Some of us work with organisations or communities where our decisions have impact, too. Current models are broken. Antibiotics can’t keep up with illnesses resistant to them.

A 2018 study by John Hopkins Institute rated the medical system as America’s third largest cause of hospital deaths. And a lot of the drugs used are based on science that hasn’t been replicated and is sometimes questionable. There’s a lot of talk about complementary medicine, but much of it looks like woo. How do you cut through that and find a way forward for you and those you love at a time when money is set to be tight? A new perspective on health will allow you to make a greater range of choices. Western medicine offers incredible advances, for sure. But the word ‘advance’ supposes what was before is somehow redundant. Many medicines are based on herbs and plants used by cultures worldwide for their healing properties, and it’s likely that the Ayurveda system developed over centuries in India is the world’s oldest cohesive approach to wellbeing. We’ve seen fragments of it spun off in the form of yoga and mindfulness, often out of context. The core to Ayurveda is balance and using portions of its approach to be a betterfunctioning cog in the modern machine economy shows a lack of wisdom. With increasing talk of a reset, now is the perfect time to look at what that means through a new – and ancient – lens.

As a rising business journalist, I was plugged into the buzz of how economics works. The system spat me out. I fell apart and rediscovered myself in India. Through being realigned by practitioners of Ayurveda who recognised that my personality type, body, and dietary needs are linked, I found out who I really was. It also connected me to my heritage – Ayurveda teachings have run through my family for centuries. And for 20 years I’ve built up a business offering treatments and trainings that thousands have benefited from. The questions I’m asked by the multinational retailers I’ve worked with, by spa owners looking for quality oils and skilled massage therapists, by single mothers looking for a viable income with integrity, are the ones that make me uniquely qualified to write this book, just when it’s needed.

Industry praise for The Doctor Won’t See You Now includes:

“Modern western science often defines health as the absence of disease. Ayurveda teaches that health is physical and emotional balance and integration. In this treasure of a book, Sunita Passi brilliantly guides us to an even deeper space of healing – where we are empowered to awaken our innate wholeness. Through every magnificent page of this transformational journey, she reveals timeless truths, inspires us to make more conscious choices, and lays out the blueprint for thriving in every aspect of our life.”  Davidji, award-winning author of Sacred Powers and globally recognised meditation teacher

“Sunita lives and breathes Ayurveda – and most importantly she brings it to life in our chaotic world. This book is much more than a passive reading experience -in her no- nonsense style Sunita offers us the opportunity to reflect on our own life’s journey and the shifts needed to help us live and be as we were born to do.” –  Kate O Brien, bestselling author of Your Middle Years and GLOW, dietitian and yogi

“As a cardiologist I meet patients whose lives are damaged by a sick society. We can discover our best selves by reclaiming our birth right to make wise choices about wellbeing. Sunita Passi is Ayurveda’s brightest light, and she’s here to show you what this ancient healing art is about – your body really does know best…if you know what it’s telling you.” –  Dr. Aseem Malhotra, author of The Pioppi Diet, cardiologist and world-leading obesity expert

“This is more than a book sharing the powerful science of Ayurveda. As well as an expert in her field, Sunita is truly grounded in our times. She is showing us how modern and deeply needed Ayurveda‘s true principles are if we want to heal ourselves and our planet and positively transform todays healthcare systems.” – Dominique Antiglio, bestselling author of The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology, qualified sophrologist and BeSophro Founder

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About the author:

Sunita Passi is a renowned specialist in Ayurvedic medicine, an award-winning skincare entrepreneur and a wellness visionary who has spent 20 years shaping an alternative future for healing and health.

As founder and CEO of the Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic training and skincare business, Sunita cuts through the mystique surrounding complementary medicine, advocating for Ayurveda as the world’s oldest cohesive approach. At a time when physical and mental health have never been more in the spotlight, her belief that it’s time to heal healthcare and take greater responsibility for our own well-being is a call to action that needs to be heard.

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