The future is light.

The future is light.

Another innovation from Majestic is embodied in the supreme quality new Disposable Waffle Kimono. The spa and beauty sector’s need for a luxurious, elegant, soft to the touch disposable option has been identified resulting in the creation of this stylish, comfortable and supremely strong robe. Each client has their unique comfort preferences, for those that find heavier cotton robes too warm and cumbersome it is now possible to offer this alternative durable lightweight option.

The impeccably neat finish and exemplary weight fabric ensures practical use in all wet areas and during treatments that can cause staining/marking to cotton robes such as massage and waxing. Their versatility is extended with the characteristic of being bleach and chemical safe. The advanced material structure enables the Disposable Waffle Kimono to absorb ten to twelve times its own weight in moisture and the breathable, lightweight design makes it perfect for use in thermal suites.

Client comfort and environmental concerns are thoroughly taken care of. Each garment is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skins and every robe comes individually wrapped to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are achieved, also avoiding risk of cross contamination. The fabric is made from a natural forest fibre, is biodegradable and recyclable, respecting the delicate ecological balance.

The financial burden of laundering costs associated with cotton robes can be greatly reduced or even eliminated with the phasing in of this unique alternative.

Online Price – £12.83 + VAT, 10 piece pack in white.

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