The International Federation of Aromatherapists collaborates with Sense UK

We are delighted to announce from February 2019 the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) will be collaborating with the charity Sense UK to improve their existing program of care. Sense UK is a charity focused on findings ways for those with complex disabilities to communicate and experience the world. The IFA will be training staff to integrate the IFA’s Aromacare course into a wide range of care homes. The IFA’s Aromacare course conveys a new channel of communication by way of light touch, inhalation and creating a soothing and nurturing ambience.Focusing on young adults between 16-25 who are deaf and partially blind, the IFA’s sponsorship will directly support the training of staff and carers on the safe and effective use of essential oils and the provision of all related equipment for the development of a multi-discipline approach to care.

Families across the UK are struggling to get the care they so desperately need. When there is no conventional treatment available to relieve symptoms or alleviate an illness, complementary care is often the only form of support people have. Essential oils have the potential to tap into the emotions, to heal and soothe the body, and promote spiritual connection. Aromatherapy can help create an atmosphere where the recipient can feel cared for, physically relaxed, less anxious, calm and restful and it also has the potential for a vital role in care and recovery programs.

For the seventh year running, the IFA will also be sponsoring Crisis a charity for the homeless this Christmas. Every year IFA volunteers go to the King’s Cross London shelter and provide massage treatments to the homeless. The IFA will be supplying over 3000 towels, essential oil kits and hand sanitizers for distribution. Last year over 8000 volunteers helped Crisis deliver this programme and helped almost 5000 homeless people.