The Lash Games Digital Goody Bag: Artistic Fur

SAVE 25% on the ARTISTIC FUR PATENTED 4 LAYER LASH HEAD® – Mannequin Head for practice and Training. Synthetic lashes are arranged in layers to create a realistic effect similar to the human eye with lashes. You can wash, remove and apply lashes as you do with a customer. Reusable as when you have done the set of lashes simply remove all as you would normally do.

This mannequin head is truly unique… and here is why

  • Fake hairs are positioned in 4 layers replicating the layout of the natural lashes, this is useful as you can practice isolation, direction, transition and so on
  • Hairs are made out of the fine but durable fibre and are embedded into the lash head. They handle beginner students just fine & still look as good as new after 1,5 years of use. We also have tried to pull out the hairs with tweezers to see how brutal can we get with it but so far no luck…
  • It is multi-use. When you have done your lash set simply remove like you would on a real client & start again. Gel or cream remover is recommended.⁣

This product is patented and has no analogues on the market