The Lash Games Stage Talks: Anastasia Nikulina

Talk Title: Top 5 RULES for Best Retention

When and where: Mon 4th October on The Lash Games Stage

The most heart-breaking message a lash artist can receive is the one that says that lashes haven’t lasted well and all fallen out within days… Retention is a sensitive topic not only for beginners but also for experienced artists! It requires good understanding of how to correctly work with lash adhesive and consider some other factors that I will share with you at the Olympia Beauty in October! Do you want to strengthen your knowledge and maximise your retention to up to 8-12weeks? Then I’ll see you at The Lash Games Stage where I’ll share my “TOP 5 TIPS for Great Retention”

Anastasia Nikulina

Anastasia is one of the TOP lash educators, based in United Kingdom. In 5 years, she has grown from a home-based lash technician to a studio owner in London, as well as became a complete lash champion in all categories.

In 2020 Anastasia started teaching globally and had over 1,000 direct studio s from 50 different countries!

Anastasia has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout her career.

She is an internationally recognised judge and speaker. Often talking on online lash events in Europe and Russia.

She has travelled abroad to offer the Advanced Russian volume course and share her secrets with other lash artists!

She has previously worked at one of the leading brands in the UK – London Lash Pro, as their in house lash educator. She continues to work closely with the brand and her trainings now – are fully accredited and also approved by London lash pro!

She has organised an online lash conference @the_lash_event

Anastasia believes that to achieve a great looking lash set, you must learn to be a perfectionist and pay attention to details. “It’s the small things that make a big difference” 🖤

Get inspired and learn more: @anastasia_lashexpert