The Lash Games Stage Talks: Julie Knight

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Talk Title: How to ‘Lash’ the bottom eyelids like a pro!

When and where: Mon 4th October at 1.20pm on The Lash Games Stage

Julie has been enhancing lower lash lines for over a decade and has transformed thousands of eyes with an all-round lash extension treatment. Not only did she pioneer the safest way to treat the lower eyelid, she uniquely styles those sparse lashes to suit each person too.

She shares a wealth of tips and tricks to treat and style the lower lash line that will wow your clients and maximise your treatment opportunities!

About Julie Knight

  • Founder of Elite Eyelash Extensions
  • Founder and Editor of Lash-Ed Magazine
  • MD and Co-Founder and Organiser of World Lash University
  • Founder and MD of ‘Behind the Mask’ Programme
  • In Partnership with Olympia Beauty from 2021 to deliver The Lash Games
  • Working Lash Stylist for 10+ years
  • Accredited Trainer since 2012
  • Award winning Lash Specialist
  • Subject matter expert event speaker
  • Lash Competition Judge/Organiser
  • Professional Practice Consultant
  • Business & Personal Development Mentor and Skill Building Coach
  • Articles/work featured 50+ times in Magazines
  • Featured 50+ times in mainstream media

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