The Lash Games Stage Talks: Merlin Callaghan

Talk Title: Why Lifelong learning is the only way to become a pro

When and where: Mon 4th October on The Lash Games Stage

Merlin’s journey as a lash artist started in 2015.

Whilst having a set of Russian volume lashes applied by a friend, from her native Estonia, Merlin was so impressed she decided to embark on her own journey to become a Lash Wizard.

Despite already having a demanding corporate career, Merlin started her training and the rest, as they say, is history! From the outset, Merlin has demonstrated a passion for detail and perfection, which drives her to make every set of lashes better than the last while supporting and motivating others to do the same.

Having spotted a gap in the market, Merlin launched her own business, offering premium lash extension products and training. She has very quickly built up a reputation for delivering the highest calibre treatments and training with 5-star customer service skills to match.

Today, MLAB enjoys an excellent professional reputation and profile as a leading lash brand and training expert.

MLAB also has an incredible team of trainers (Lash Fairies) countrywide, who all share the same passion, beliefs, values and mission that has made MLAB the brand that it is today.

Why lifelong learning is the only way to become a pro

Merlin is keen to raise awareness of the importance of continuous good quality training.

Merlin and her team of trainers are passionate about helping junior, senior lash artist and beauticians. To build understanding and knowledge takes time and effort. This helps to build sustainable businesses that last through difficult times.  One course provides the basics and there is a lot more needed to become the best, you will require knowledge and passion to keep going. With everything moving incredibly fast through screens, there is tremendous amount of comparing and it’s not always positive. I’ll show you that your focus should always be on your personal journey and how you can be the best you can be.