The Massage Company Training Academy Launches

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Within the UK, and most countries around the world, we operate within a fully unregulated working environment, so anyone can declare themselves a Massage Therapist and start working. Of course, to be insured, a level of qualification is required as proof, but this can be achieved via an online course, over a series of weekends, a 2 year NVQ / City & Guilds course, or a full BSc University degree. It’s very difficult for the consumer to understand who really knows their business.

Training is the cornerstone around which The Massage Company has been built, and will remain so forever. It is mandatory for all Massage Therapists joining our team, and the more advanced training is added constantly over time as our team spend more time working together with us.


Before we opened the business, we identified the need for training and development to be at the centre of what we do, and on the knowledge of John Holman (our Director of Massage Training), we built our “TMC Training Programme”. This is designed to meet two crucial requirements:

– the delivery of consistently high-quality massage, so that our customers can receive massage from whoever is working on shift at the time they want to come, and
– the protection of our Massage Therapists themselves, with good techniques, focus on self-care, and the avoidance of injuries to give them a strong and long career.

Our highly experienced trainers still work with our customers
– Training that has generated 1000’s of 5-star reviews across the UK
– With 100,000 massages of experience, we know what your customers will need
– Injury-prevention is a priority in our training and our business
– Bringing the best learnings from osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractic work into the world of massage

Guaranteed Job in one of our centres*
– Work between 12 and 40 hours per week, on our payroll. Reliable earnings
– Ongoing training and development
– Fantastic facilities, and welcoming staff room
– We are a growing brand, with many more locations opening soon!

We will reward your training commitment!**
– We want you to join our team, and have a long career, so will pay you back your course deposit when you do!
– We want a positive attitude, an open mind, and good atmosphere for all.
– We will do a pre-course interview to ensure this is right for you***
* Subject to passing the course, and meeting normal team entry levels

** Paid into your salary the first payday after passing your 3 month probationary period with us (this is easy if you work hard, and are passionate about what you do)

*** Any deposits and payments will be refunded if you do not pass the aptitude test

To apply to join the course, please visit:

Facebook: @themassagecompanycamberley

Instagram: @themassagecompany

Twitter: @massage_company