The Next Generation of Instant Nail Art

Who can resist nail art?! Gone are the days when the only choice was one plain colour. The options are many and varied from exquisitely detailed artwork to glitter finishes and ombre colours. All of this combines to give an impressive and must-have product, with its popularity showing no signs of slowing anytime soon.
Beauty product brand Red Cameo have launched their new range of Instant Nail Art. Designed as a practical and affordable, the products give a higher finish than nail stickers and are quick and easy to apply.
Majoring in up-to-the-minute affordable style, Red Cameo Nails are for the fashion-conscious shopper. It appeals to professionals, students and people dressing up on a night out who want to make a statement and show their individual character, whilst also recognising forward thinking trends. 
 A choice of 60 different designs ensures there is always one to match the occasion and once applied the Instant Nail art will look good for up to three weeks. To make application quick and easy the Instant Nail Art range comes with a specially developed adhesive that allows easy removal with no damage caused to the nail when removed, and avoids the need for nail varnish remover. They can also be worn without the need for a top coat. We use the best quality materials which are SGS certified and tested. They do not fall into the cosmetics category and so do not have to be listed on the European database. For that extra protection Red Cameo have a LED activated clear nail gel and LED lamp accessory which adds a level of protection and finish, making the nail wrap last for two to three weeks. They are the perfect complimentary product for a customer to purchase at any boutique POS counter. Counter standing and floor standing POS displays are available for trade.

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