The NMC Stage Talks: James Earls

Book Launch & Signing: What Happens When Our Feet Don’t Work???

Foot function affects the rest of the body. Our feet are the most common point of interaction between us and the ground and they have to manage significant forces during complex movements. During this talk we will explore what happens when our feet stop cooperating as the feet can contribute to shoulder issues, sacro-iliac problems, and many others.

The human foot – a series of 26 bones and 33 joints – somehow manages to arrange itself in a way that allows both shock absorption and rigidity. Our foot’s ability to function through pronation and supination requires many joints and tissues to coordinate in complex and interesting ways. Knowing how pronation and supination influence the function of the rest of the body is essential to building a true understanding of how the body moves through life.

Understanding the human foot helps therapists understand movement; understanding movement helps therapists assess and treat their clients with more success.

Using material from his new book, ‘Understanding the Human Foot’, James Earls will explore some of the intricate mechanisms of the foot and demonstrate why every therapist should have the skills to assess foot function to help clients with any issues in their knees, hips, pelvis, shoulders, or spine.

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