The NMC Stage Talks: Kate Browne

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Bringing Anatomy to Life by Kate Browne

Anatomy isn’t easy. Thousands of names derived from Latin can be overwhelming. Of course, we don’t need to know it all. Body Paint Anatomy came from the realisation that learning muscle anatomy as a student or revising it as a practitioner could actually be a joyous, creative and productive occasion. Who knew!

This inspired me to put together a series of relaxed and interactive workshops designed for massage therapists, that would demonstrate how to locate anatomy through palpation and landmarking and give a brief introduction to each muscle and how we’re likely to come across this as a therapist, including injuries or dysfunctions. The workshops also show how to activate the muscle; it’s origin, insertion and action, even its fibre orientation. With the bonus of live examples of the muscle in action – as a participant flexes and relaxes, or moves around the space, you can follow the movements more clearly.

The very act of applying paint onto the body helps to configure where structures are, particularly in relation to other structures. You may be surprised to see how shapes and sizes vary from body to body, depending on muscle development, posture and proportions.

Colour itself is an important feature in our workshops, as it promotes better memory recall. Associating a colour with a muscle means that you are far more likely to visualise and remember it than if we were painting solely in flesh or skin tones. If you’re sat there thinking, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body”, then don’t worry. You don’t need to be the next Van Gogh to have a go at body painting. You’ll see that a lot of it is right there in front of you. Fine-tuning, repeating palpations and activations will soon see marked improvements in your understanding and abilities.

This live demonstration of Body Paint Anatomy with Kate Browne will take place on The NMC Stage on Sunday 3rd October at 1.05pm

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