The NMC Stage Talks: Mary Sanderson

Book Launch & Signing


A presentation on the increasingly popular form of massage known as soft tissue release (STR), and an explanation of why this wonderfully versatile technique is such a useful tool for the manual therapist to incorporate in their client’s treatment plans.

  • STR is adaptable and easy to use in a variety of different settings, from a remedial clinical situation to an ‘in the field’ sporting or performance event.
  • STR can be used alongside more traditional techniques or other therapeutic interventions, such as physiotherapy and chiropractic to alleviate tight tissue problems quickly and precisely.

A practical demonstration will show how STR can be used to deliver a specific release of the soft tissues in common conditions such as shoulder impingement and tension headaches. It will also show how targeted STR can enhance the efficacy of prescribed rehabilitative exercises highlighting how it can assist in providing a more effective recovery.

How STR can be used in a functional situation to help prepare someone for competition during a sporting or performance event will also be addressed, during which the audience will have an opportunity to request a particular example.