The NMC Stage Talks: Tamer Morsy

Make sure you visit The NMC Stage for this incredible session with Tamer Morsy! 

When the pandemic started in March 2020, I’ve started working on creating Massage Hub to support therapists’ education journey at a low cost, also, I wanted to help our community to make a sustainable income that can help them when they were not allowed to work.

Massage Hub is an open platform for educational massage videos. The videos are created by qualified therapists from all around the world (regardless their gender, origin or belief).

Most of the therapists watch videos on YouTube and social media to acquire more knowledge or to learn new strokes. Not all the content creators are qualified therapists, thus, due to the lack of the A&P knowledge, their videos can lead to harming clients. All the content publishers on Massage Hub are qualified therapists, and we always make sure to check their qualification before adding their videos to Massage Hub.

In addition, all the videos get reviewed before adding them to Massage Hub to insure it meets the professional standards of massage

It includes different types of educational videos, some of them aim to teach the therapists different strokes (showcase), others aim to show therapists how to treat certain conditions using different modalities (e.g Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, ..)