The world’s best-selling ozone therapy system, HOCATT Ozone Sauna, exhibits at Olympia Beauty…

The world’s best-selling ozone therapy system, HOCATT Ozone Sauna, exhibits at Olympia Beauty…

Visit Ozone Therapy UK at stand C108 to find out how:

 Ozone Therapy UK can offer wellness venues a new revenue stream, directly from affluent spa enthusiast customers thanks to the unique HOCATT ozone steam therapy chamber.

  • The HOCATT steam chamber could save your business valuable resources, being an exclusive spa-venue therapy that requires very little employee intervention or monitoring.
  • The ozone steam chamber provides advanced treatment of common symptoms of illness, plus beauty treatments, athletic and rehabilitation benefits, and overall improvement of health.

Sandra Bryant of Ozone Therapy UK is an authorised sales agent for the world’s best-selling ozone therapy system, the HOCATT Ozone Sauna system, on behalf of manufacturer Signature Health Ltd.

“The HOCATT Ozone Sauna is one of the most exciting wellness therapies to hit the health, wellness and rehab market,” Sandra explains. “It has so many benefits to the end-user – for example, improved cardiovascular health, pain relief, wrinkle reduction, detoxification and injury rehabilitation – and the unit itself is based on years of scientific research, proven modalities and multiple levels of testing.”

“As ozone therapy awareness and efficacy evidence increases, I believe more health and leisure venues, rehab centres and wellness and beauty businesses will want to offer HOCATT ozone therapy to their clients,” Sandra says. “The HOCATT provides a series of half an hour targeted therapy sessions

And is easily operated by one person, once trained in its use, and as a stand-alone chamber that can be used in any type of room, offers a range of benefits in a relatively small space.”

Health providers wishing to offer the service at their own establishment should call Sandra Bryant on 07595 161946 to reserve an appointment at Olympia