TriDosha, Ayurvedic Wellbeing Brand, launches new non-touch Spa Guided Meditation Treatment

As therapists and hotels and spas start to open their doors again post lockdown, get the summer underway with TriDosha’s non-touch spa guided meditation treatment, group therapist training now available as a 3 day 12 hour online programme, hosted from the companies HQ in the tranquil setting of Nottinghamshire.

TriDosha Meditation for Spas is a guided meditative non touch experience. Be taken on a deeply relaxing journey, discover some basic self-care techniques and enjoy the simplicity of stepping into a heavenly state of inner calm, without the need of a massage. Clients will feel present and awake yet relaxed. The guided meditation will restore clients mind and body, stimulating the immune system, igniting a vibrant state of inner health, all through the power of the mind and deep relaxation.

Developed by TriDosha founder and Meditation Teacher Sunita Passi and a team of expert Spa Managers, the treatment is a bespoke offering. The spa therapist will individualise the experience which is proven to help clients achieve reduced stress, support emotional balance and increase energy with 5 steps:


CONNECT Being 100% present and giving FULL attention the therapist provides a safe space for the client to let go, be held and surrender their mind and body. Not able to give attention with hands, so we do so with hearts. SHIFT – Whole body Movements to stimulate the release of blocked stagnant energy/prana, to allow restoration in. To loosen tense muscles and connect with the body. To ground and do something together. CLEANSE – Salt Foot Baths cleanse the energy channels (nadis) of the entire body, which is mapped out on the sole of the foot. They stimulate circulation and boost immune health. While Marma Therapy is believed to clear energy (prana) that stagnates in Marma points, freeing this energy boosts the function of all the bodies organs and promotes healing. NOURISH – A full belly breath through the nose activates the parasympathetic nervous system PNS (rest and digest), slows heart rate, reduces blood pressure and restore balance. Whereas breathing into the chest activates the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) the stress response, counter-productive to relaxation and damaging long term. DEEPLY RELAX – Guiding the client through Progressive Muscle Relaxation PMR aims at getting in touch with their tension and the body’s response, and then letting it go in a controlled manner. It triggers to activation of the PNS, increases or activates the production of opiates and promotes optimal immune function, preparing the body to surrender.

Clients also benefit from a detailed self-care sheet which can be accessed via the TriDosha website following their spa meditation session.

About TriDosha: Set up by Sunita Passi in 2008, Tri-Dosha’s mission is to be a business rooted in personal, social, and environmental benefit. Enjoy our range of vibrant top-to-toe skincare formulations crafted from wild plants. Check out wellness tools and services supporting you to live a more fulfilling and mindful life. Everything we do operates within a green supply chain.

Sunita said: “This period immediately post lockdown, we expect it will be a time when people think of how they can improve their wellbeing. By offering this new non-touch spa treatment, we are offering the chance to unplug from the world and enjoy natural processes of healing within a meditative experience following Government guidelines.”

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