Tried & Tested: The Margaret Dabbs London Medical Pedicure

Welcome to the third of our guest blogs from the winner of Best Treatment Reviewer at the New Generation Beauty Influencer Awards, Penny Lane from The Style Lane. For more information about the New Generation Beauty Influencer Awards click here.

A winter pedicure? Maybe not your usual treatment choice, but with the social calendar filling up fast with invitations as the festivities commence, there’s no doubt your feet will need to be feeling and looking party-ready, and nothing beats the incredible pedi skills found at the delightful Margaret Dabbs London clinic, located in Marylebone…

Don’t stray due to the name. The ‘medical’ side of this is the genius part, because let’s face it, those tootsies often need a little more TLC than a gentle rub with a grainy exfoliator. That’s great in between salon trips, but for powerful results that will literally make your soles feel completely reborn, then this is the one.

The team use a machine with varying heads to file away the dead skin, including a scalpel (not as scary as it sounds) to scrape away those tough areas on the heels. The process is repeated to get the softest, smoothest finish ever and the toenails are buffed and filed to perfection.

The products used contain the Margaret Dabbs’ hero ingredient, Emu Oil, which offers up some serious hydration and a wonderful moisture boost. There’s also a gorgeous polish range to get excited about with a whopping 72 beautiful shades to please all, enriched with vitamin E and wild rose botanical extract.

The Medical Pedicure experience is intensive and so much more advanced than anything I’ve ever tried before. It tickles a little, but is completely painless and the final result is so impressive – side note, you might become a little addicted to your new-found foot MOT. I also took away the Professional Foot File to use at home and the antibacterial Foot Hygiene Cream for daily use, which are both brilliant for a quick buff-up and to instantly disguise tired heels.

Medical Pedicure (without polish) | 45 minutes | From £85

7 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 8UU, 020 7487 5510, 7 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 8UU


Words: Penny Lane, Editor of