UK Callus Peel

UK Callus Peel

Beauty Select have launched their very own UK manufactured Callus Peel Stater Kit. ‘UK Callus Peel’ softens hard calluses quickly with a unique formulation consisting of over 99% natural ingredients. The treatment consists of a simple 4 step system using the ‘Callus Remover’, blade free ‘Foot File Scraper’ [which is ambidextrous], ‘Foot File Replacement Pad’ and the ‘Aftercare Cream’. The ‘Callus Remover’ and ‘Aftercare Cream’ are both dispensed from measured airless dispensers which are hygienic and result in less waste. The ‘Aftercare Cream’ is formulated from natural ingredients and does not contain any parabens or urea. The ‘Callus Remover’ has enough in the airless dispenser for a minimum of 10 treatments.

We expect anyone carrying out this treatment to have experience in Pedicures or Holistic Therapy. All that is required to carry out this treatment is clingfilm and disposable glove(s). The ‘Callus Remover’ is pumped directly onto the disposable glove which is then applied to the callused area(s). The treatment is very simple and easy to carry out and you will see immediate results, even after the first treatment.

Diabetics:- Suitable for diabetics but please use with caution when buffing. If in any doubt, seek appropriate advice prior to treatment.
Pregnancy:- As the Callus Remover consists of over 99% natural ingredients, it IS safe to use during pregnancy. The Aftercare Cream contains a small element of Essential Oils and medical opinion is that these should be avoided in the first trimester. If in any doubt, seek appropriate advice prior to treatment.

After the treatment we recommend that the client moisturisers her/his feet twice a day. We also recommend you to retail our Aftercare Cream for approximately £8.00-£10.00 per Dispenser.

We will be selling the Starter Kit at an SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY Show Price of £30 inc. VAT.

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