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Long-term exposure to dust from acrylic or even natural nail filing, and fumes from beauty products like nail varnishes, nail polish removers, nail glue, hair treatment products, and bleach treatment products can be harmful to health!

Beauty salon workers and beauty technicians end up being around a number of hazardous fumes and all kinds of particulate matter. You could argue that these only occur in very small quantities. However, without proper extraction systems, these materials build up in the area.

These products, and the dust and fumes they generate, will affect your customers as well. While the effects will be more pronounced in those who are sensitive, they will affect everyone.

However, clients will only have to suffer through short-term exposure. It will be your employees who will bear the full brunt of the effects of these dangerous materials.

Proper extraction solutions might mean extra expense, but they help keep your salon a healthy workplace.

A healthy workplace means your employees take fewer days of sick leave, or time off for poor health. This in turn translates to less loss of revenue. It also means that your salon technicians are healthier and happier.

If you want to give your workers and clients a salon that is as good for their health as it is for their appearance, this talk is a must-attend!


Speaker:Paul Riddick (Co-Owner and Technical Sales Director)

Paul Riddick is the resident Fume & Dust Extraction Product Specialist at VODEX. He started his career at the age of 17 as an apprentice-trained Mechanical & Production Engineer and has over 35 years of experience in extraction solutions.

Before co-founding VODEX, he helped two extraction companies become successful with his product knowledge and passion for the subject.

Today, he can follow his personal philosophy of making the workplace safe for everyone not just with the extraction solutions VODEX provides but also by teaching others about the hazards of workplace fumes and dust.

Having been in this industry for so long, Paul knows first-hand what the dangers of these contaminants can be.

In his talk, he will share his industry knowledge and tell you exactly why beauty salons and spas need fume and dust extraction.


Speaker: Natasia-Louise James (Beauty Sales Advisor at VODEX Ltd)

Natasia-Louise James has a deep understanding of how long-term exposure to inadequate working environment can affect people’s health. She may have joined the family business officially 4 years ago, but she has always been involved in the company!

As an A&E Health Care Assistant, she saw hundreds of people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and breathing difficulties.

She knew that poor workplace conditions would only exacerbate these diseases. This is why she made it her mission to educate business owners on proper health and safety procedures.

In her presentation, she will talk about how proper health and safety measures in beauty salons can help improve lives. It’s not just a matter of following regulations, it is also about making sure your employees and customers have a safe environment to be in.


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