We offer brands that help unite your health and beauty

We offer brands that help unite your health and beauty

WellU – An everlasting youth, beauty, and wealth

Those three things have taken over the human imagination and are making us spend our lives chasing them. Too often in vain.
The principle of WellU is simple – we have decided to build our business on a principle of finding the best way to achieve those dreams. The offer that we came up with is a proof of the success of our mission. WellU philosophy is first and foremost about a unique lifestyle. Fantastic health and shape that allow you to get the most out of your life, rejoicing with every single day. It’s about extraordinary passions, hobbies, and ideas, as well as the courage and means to realize them. It is only up to you whether you decide to benefit from all that we offer, or just ‘pick and mix’ whatever you like the most from our proposal. Either way, you will receive a chance to become a part of our community and, only if you want to, change your lifestyle to the WellU style!
We cannot promise to make you young, beautiful and rich – what we will do, is show you the most effective way to complete those dreams. WellU is about you. You being well, feeling well and doing well. WellU scientists created a product that’s unique on a world’s scale – a formula of bioactive oligo- and polypeptides of fish collagen – Biopeptide Complex, which became the foundation of the Larens Peptidum products.

Larens Professional Line

Created specifically for professional beauty salons, the Larens Professional line is a set of products that contain few hundreds of biologically active natural fish collagen peptides obtained from selected fresh and saltwater fish. The concentration of the Biopeptide Complex and other active ingredients in the Professional line is higher compared to their equivalents from the regular, Larens Peptidum line.


We also offer a brand new solution for grey hair – a substance that help you recover the natural hair colour within days – GR-7. This innovative product affects the hair bulbs and activates melanin – a substance responsible for hair colour.


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