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  • Sunday


    Judith Townshend

    Neuromuscular Reeducationsm Shoulder Workshop

    Neuromuscular Reeducationsm (NMRsm) is a stand-alone hands-on technique for the evaluation and functional treatment of over 90% of the soft tissue injuries you will see in practice. Judith Townshend will show you how to use NMRsm to get dramatic and lasting results.

    Judith is a chiropractor with four years’ experience using NMRsm. She also teaches NMRsm seminars in the UK alongside Dr Peter J Levy, D.C. from California, U.S.A. who developed the technique. By utilising this technique, Judith is able to offer 'no improvement, no fee' appointments to her clients.

    This workshop will be applicable to massage and sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and other soft-tissue therapists. With a good level of anatomical knowledge, the technique is easy to learn and competently practice on clients. The workshop also provides an insight into the potential results that NMRsm can produce for more areas of the body. www.judithtownshend.co.uk


    Jodie Brandman
    Nutritional Therapist & Founder of Sweetly Simple

    Eat Yourself Beautiful

    Discover the secrets to true beauty and learn how to nourish your skin, hair and nails from the inside out.


    Nicky Clinch
    Certified Macrobiotic Nutritionist, Counsellor and Chef

    Food trends vs food fads 

    In this day and age it seems that food trends are everywhere. Unlike 15 years ago when I first began changing my diet, it has become the norm to walk into any café, restaurant or open a magazine and see the next answer to all our health and well being problems. But with so many different promises and so many food trends being sold as the next ultimate answer, what is anyone even meant to believe any more?
    During this talk, Nicky will be challenging the concept of Food Trends. Blasting the belief that there is one perfect diet for everyone. Instead she will be teaching that a balanced healthy relationship to food, our bodies and the environment we live in is one that will feed our health and wellbeing sustainably throughout our entire life.


    Jordan Martin

    Improve Your Ability to Heal Others

    The Super Model Hero Method is a system of aligning the 5-layers of being. Jordan Martin has been developing this method for several years; it works on the basis that all humans are made of the same layers and that if these are aligned correctly, everyone can lead a healthy and balanced life.

    Jordan has catered this workshop specifically for health practitioners and holistic therapists and will share how you can improve the effectiveness of healing others, by first becoming who YOU are now!

    Jordan is a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, a writer, fitness instructor, wellbeing coach, and a yoga professional... She was the original editor of Holistic Therapist Magazine in 2011; and has a background in media, communications, and teaching. Jordan combines her wealth of experience in these industries, with her life experience and studies in English Language and Linguistics, yoga, anatomy, pranayama and psychology.
    More information: www.SuperModelHero.com


    Holistic Therapist Business Awards Ceremony

    Hosted by Jayson Firmager – MD of Holistic Therapist Magazine – The Business Awards now in their second year reward in the following categories.

    Best New Business
    Best Practitioner
    Best Training School
    Inspiration Award
    Star Product Of The Year
    Student Of The Year


    Una Tucker
    Kneader designer and MD of Kneads Must


    Una Tucker, Kneader designer and MD of Kneads Must, talks to therapists about Kneader Onsite Massage - a new and effective chair routine that combines Swedish massage moves with Acupressure points and is done entirely with two hand-held massage tools called Kneaders. The Kneader is a great onsite massage tool that protects the hands during all the major massage moves and makes massaging over clothes easy, so Kneads Must is now training therapists in this discipline in order to meet increasing demand. The Kneader Onsite Massage course is a 2-day, accredited and insurable course open to Level 3 therapists that provides a new way of doing chair massage, whilst offering an additional avenue to earn money in an increasingly competitive market.  Even if you’re not an onsite therapist and don’t want to be, this course demonstration will show you easy Kneader moves that will help supplement your current routines.

  • Monday


    Jennifer Young

    Does a cancer diagnosis change your client physically and psychologically and how can you help?

    Jennifer Young, creator of the specialist skincare range Defiant Beauty, founder of www.BeautyDespiteCancer.co.uk and the Jennifer Young Training School discusses the ways in which a cancer diagnosis can impact the mental & physical well-being of your clients. Spas, salons, retailers & therapists are all able to make a difference by providing support and guidance. Jennifer tells you how you can help in simple and effective ways. Jennifer’s therapy qualifications are underpinned by a scientific background - expect a workshop with lots of evidence based, easy-to-follow practical solutions to the common side-effects of treatment for cancer.


    Maya Daghighi
    ND MAMH MSc Herbalist,
    Naturopath and Iridologist

    A functional and herbal approach to Acne

    Identifying the driving factors in an acute or chronic acne case can be very challenging to the practitioner and to the client. In order to make a confident decision on how to go about this condition therapeutically I will discuss the different presentations of acne (vulgaris in particular) and how to assess which organs or organ systems they are linked with. Once identified these organs require most attention and support.

    There are many herbs and spices which can be used to combat acne. I will focus on the key herbs that can be used safely for internal and topical use and are specific to the different types of spots. Certain spices will soothe, others are known to likely initiate a healing crisis which should be used with care and discussed with the client.

    A functional and herbal approach to Acne can improve therapy outcome and client compliance, and provide solutions for dealing with acute and chronic cases.

    Website: www.herbalis.org
    LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/maya-daghighi-80b2b050
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/herbalis.org/?fref=ts


    Chris James

    Mind Body Cleanse

    There is a lot of talk about gut-health, a lot of talk about nutrition, and a lot of talk about mindfulness & yoga, but no one has made the link between the three in such a practical, inspiring and accessible way. Chris’s approach is totally unique: Achieving optimal wellness requires a combination of dietary and lifestyle modifications. With an emphasis on Yoga, breath work and mind training, Chris James will discuss how clear skin, natural health and happiness comes from the inside out!

    Chris James is a Yoga and meditation teacher and founder of premium Health and Wellness brand Chris James Mind Body. He is the real deal, the go-to man for a rejuvenated body and mind – SpaceNK and Liberty London call him the ‘Wellness Expert’. He teaches privately to high-end and high-profile clients, runs retreats top spa brand Champneys, delivers workshops and masterclasses internationally, and teaches at the Ananda Spa in Rishikesh, India – voted the World's #1 Destination Spa by Conde Naste. His product range is stocked at Space NK, Wholefoods, QVC, Harrods, and Naturismo.

    Chris James trained, lived and practised in India, in Rishikesh and at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai. In 2000 he was randomly assaulted and had his neck broken and dislocated at #c2, #c3 and #c4, sustaining injuries similar to the late Christopher Reeve. To recover, he used the yoga practices that he had discovered in India; understanding first hand how powerful yogic teachings could be, his 360 degree natural solution to achieving optimum levels of wellness year round was born out of that.

    This workshop is perfect for anybody working in the health and nutrition industry and those interested in learning more about the power Mind Body Cleanse.

    In 2017, Chris James will publish his first book with Penguin House

    Website: www.chrisjamesmindbody.com
    Twitter: chrisjamesyoga
    Facebook: chrisjamesmindbody


    Chef Danielle Shine

    Health is Wealth – invest in YOU and the power of real food

    Danielle Shine is a yoga-loving nutrition nerd who worked for many years in the fast-paced world of international fashion and entertainment PR in London. Although she loved her job it didn’t love her back, causing her to overwork her mind, body and soul until it almost broke her.

    Thin, tired and totally wired, Danielle worked hard to heal herself from the inside out. Over the course of a few years, Danielle re-modelled herself into a happier, more mindful Yoga Teacher, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef.

    This workshop is perfect for anybody working in the health and nutrition industry and those interested in learning more about the power of real food.

    In 2017, Danielle will publish her first Children’s book with Hay House Publishing focusing on the magic of real food.

    Website: www.danielleshine.com
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/chef_shine
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/chefdanielleshine


    Marie-Louise Coster

    Discover the wonders of Balinese Massage

    Originating on the Indonesian island of Bali, Balinese Massage is and advanced massage technique that combines a variety of techniques, from several cultures, to create relaxation for body and mind. During this workshop Marie-Louise Coster will transport you into that world of relaxation by giving you an insight into the technique with a practical demonstration, she will also talk you through the history, the benefits and what makes it such a phenomenal massage to learn - not only for the benefit of your clients but also for the benefit of your development as a therapist. Balinese Massage is a wonderful treatment and this is your perfect opportunity to see this for yourself. www.allaboutmi.net