White&Co wins two major beauty awards!

White&CO was recently named LUX Life Magazine ‘Best Tooth Whitening Research & Development Firm 2020’. On top of this prestigious award they were also awarded the GHP ‘Global Excellence Award – Best Cosmetic Tooth Whitening Products UK.’

Both awards recognise the progress and work White&CO has done by collaboration with a leading UK dental laboratory to further develop safe & peroxide free whitening products for the Cosmetic Tooth Whitening Industry.

Speaking to director and founder of White&CO Cosmetics, Jay Britchford, he had this to say:

“After a turbulent year for the Beauty Industry, and the country as a whole, it’s a delight to be receiving acknowledgement for the achievements of the Company. As with our whole White&CO product range, ProZero-Max has been designed, formulated, and produced right here in the UK, and by the leading laboratory professionals in their field. Something which both sets us apart, and are very proud of here at White&CO. Our aims for the coming year are to keep striving forward to introduce more, professionally designed and innovative retail whitening products for the consumer to enjoy.”

White&CO Clinic & Salon systems are non-contact designed, self-service tooth whitening systems that offer covid compliancy, safety, high profit margins and require NO STAFF TIME to operate.

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